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Prof Guillermo GALLEGO
(PhD, Cornell University, 1988)
Head / Chair Professor / Crown Worldwide Professor of Engineering


Professor Guillermo Gallego is the Department Head of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics, and also the Crown Worldwide Professor of Engineering.

Prior to his appointment in January 2016, Prof. Gallego was the Liu Family Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at Columbia University, where he served as the Department Chairman from 2002-2008. He was named a Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society (MSOM) Fellow in 2013, Informs Fellow in 2012 and has been the recipient of many awards including the Informs Revenue Management Section Prize (2005), the Revenue ­­Management Historical Prize (2011), the Revenue Management Practice Prize (2012) and the INFORMS Impact Prize (2016).

Prof. Gallego’s research interests are Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Optimization, Supply Chain Management, Electronic Commerce, and Inventory Theory. He has published influential papers in the leading journals of his field where he has also occupied a variety of editorial positions. His work has been supported by numerous industrial and government grants. In addition to theoretical research, Prof. Gallego has developed strong collaboration with global corporations such as Disney World, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Lucent Technologies, Nomis Solutions, and Sabre Airline Solutions. He has also worked with government agencies such as the National Research Council, the National Science Foundation in the United States and the Ireland Development Agency. His graduate students are associated with prestigious universities and occupy leading roles in their chosen fields. He spent his 1996-97 sabbatical at Stanford University and was a visiting scientist at the IBM Watson Research Center from 1999-2003.

Prof. Gallego received both his PhD degree (1988) and MS degree (1987) in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.


Ph.D. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. January 1988.
Operations Research and Industrial Engineering.
Minors: Economics and Statistics.
Advisor: R. Roundy
M.S. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. January 1987.
Operations Research and Industrial Engineering.
B.A. University of California, San Diego, CA. January 1980.
Mathematics, with honors.
Minors: Economics and Psychology

Professional Experience

2016-present Department Head & Chair Professor. Dept. of Ind. Eng. & Decision Analytics HKUST
2016-present Crown Worldwide Professor of Engineering. Dept. of Ind. Eng. & Decision Analytics HKUST
2017-present Liu Family Emeritus Professor Columbia University
2012-2017 Liu Family Professor. Dept. of Ind. Eng. & Oper. Res. Columbia University
2002-2008 Department Chairman Ind. Eng. & Oper. Res. Columbia University
2000-2016 Professor. Dept. of Ind. Eng. & Oper. Res. Columbia University
1999-2003 Visiting Scientist. IBM Watson Research Center, NY.
1999-2001 Co-director, MS in Financial Engineering program.
1996-1997 Visiting Associate Professor. Graduate School of Business. Stanford University
1995-2000 Tenured Associate Professor, Dept. of Ind. Eng. & Oper. Res. Columbia University
1994-2000 Co-director Deming Center Columbia University
1994-1995 Associate Professor. Dept. of Ind. Eng. & Oper. Res. Columbia University
1988-1993 Assistant Professor. Dept. of Ind. Eng. & Oper. Res. Columbia University

Honors and Awards


Professional Activities

2018-2019 Revenue Management Practice Prize competition
2018- Service Sciences Department Editor Marketing of Services & Revenue Management
2013-2014 Edelman prize committee
2012-2014 Revenue Management and Pricing award committee
2007-2009 von Neumann prize committee
2006 Co-organizer of "Management Science Unleashed" conference at IBM.
2005-2013 Senior Editor POMS
2004-2007 Founder and co-organizer of INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Section Conference
2002-2008 Chairperson, IEOR Department, Columbia University
2002-2006 Senior Editor M&SOM
1998-2002 Editorial Board Member M&SOM
1997-2001 Departmental Editor IIE-Transactions
1994-2002 Associate Editor Management Science
1994-2006 Associate Editor Naval Research Logistics
1994-2000 Associate Editor Operations Research
1992-1997 Associate Editor IIE-Transactions

Administrative Work

Professional Society Memberships

Research Grants

Invited Talks


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Doctoral Students

Name PhD date Current Affiliation Position
Ilkyeong Moon July 2010 Seoul University Professor
Youyi Feng July 2015 Sichuan University Professor
Tamer Boyacı July 2015 EMST Berlin Professor
A. Ozalp Ozer July 2000 Stanford University Assistant Professor
  July 2009 UT Dallas Professor
Haichu Hu May 2001 Goldman Sachs Vice President
Zheng Wang May 2004 Citibank Vice President
Srinivas Krishnamoorthy July 2005 Ivey School of Business Assistant Professor
Haengju Lee July 2017 Pusan University Assistant Professor
Ge Zhang July 2005 SFG&E Analyst
Ozge Sahin July 2011 Johns Hopkins University Professor
Ming Hu May 2008 University of Toronto Professor
Lin Li May 2008 Sabre Research Scientist
Ruxian Wang May 2011 HP Analyst
  July 2013 Johns Hopkins University Assistant Professor
Anran Li May 2018 London School of Economics Assistant Professor

Courses taught

IEOR E3402 Production Planning and Inventory Control
IEOR E3404 Production Scheduling
IEOR 4000 Production Management
IEOR E4003 Industrial Economics
SIEOR E4150 Probability and Statistics
IEOR 4574 Business Analytics
IEOR E4706 Financial Engineering I
IEOR E4700 Intro to Financial Engineering
IEOR E4601 Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management
Mgmt. Sc.-IEOR W6406 Inventory Planning Models
Mgmt. Sc.-IEOR W6408 Inventory Theory
IEOR E6609 Dynamic Programming
B6015 Decision Models
B7015 Decision Models
IEOR E8100 Seminar Revenue Management
IEDA 1010/1020 Academic and Personal Development
IEDA 6010c Seminar on Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Optimization